Here we go !

Decided to change my iCloud subscription again to 500 a month

BOOM and now the plus :) that’s me done for the morning. I’ll be at bluewater. 8-9 am if you want to say hello on the 19th

First one in the bag. Now to get the plus !

iCloud upgrade

My viewing station for the #apple event today. Tweet / post yours !

Who likes the colour ? #M6

New lens. 16-35 with IS. To replace my 17-40

Beautiful view on the way home.

In the pub before the game #arsenal

My ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. I nominate @alexwentworth15 @jodie_s_xox & @detroitborg you have 24 hours to comply!

Beautiful morning for some daft punk !

That rear end tho ! @platespotteruk

Yes !!! #GetIn #VegasHereICome

Nexus 10 is becoming a retro object #HurryUpGoogle #antique